Magical Sex Tricks

Sex Tricks

According to las vegas escorts most couples keep pursuing new ways of making sex life more satisfying. Perhaps, you feel like your sex life has taken a drift and needs re-ignition. In that case, you should try out some magical sex tricks. Though there is no guarantee that these sex tricks will work for you, knowing your partner and their desires is important to enjoying a magical act. Here are effective magical sex tricks that you should try out:

The Card Trick

To enjoy a more fulfilling sex, talk about it in advance. You can use spoken words during foreplay or other intimate acts that set your partner in the mood for sex. In fact, you can write down your fantasies on cards and share them with your partner. However, be careful to avoid fantasies that may turn your partner off. Start making love when you are both in the right mood. Also make sure that you understand the role of each other during sex.

The Taste and Smell Trick

The smell and taste of your partner is an integral sexual lure. For instance, does your partner love your perfume? If not, get a perfume that impresses them. Try taking a shower with new scented oil and walk out covered in a towel. Ask your partner to smell you. Make the experience better by playing with flavored lubricants. These include chocolate pudding and tangerine among others. Lubricants are not entirely for intercourse. They also create a more sensational experience.

Perhaps, your partner does not prefer lubricants or perfumes. In that case, try to arouse them by sensuously snaking your hands inside your vagina or breasts and putting your fingers in his mouth.

The Magic Touch Trick

The magic touch trick is a sure killer when it comes to sex. Masturbating in front of your partner while they watch is a great way to get them in the mood. Don’t feel shy to do this. Instead, maintain eye contact and describe what you are doing to them.

The Porn Trick

Sex experts advise partners to keep electronics out of their bedroom. But, porn is an exception. It gets useful juices flowing without hassles. Watching porn together before sex is quite stimulating and it will get you in the right mood even before you touch each other.

These are just some of the tricks that will enable you to enjoy a magical sex experience. Others include the toy trick, game trick, volume trick, g-spot orgasm trick and condom trick. Don’t forget that great sex requires practice and it takes time. Therefore, even if the trick that you try fails to work first time, keep trying.

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